Pauline Dawkins is an artist living in Dorset. Trained as a sculptor and potter and now specialises in garden sculptures.

The essence of my sculpture is simplicity – simplicity of line, form and fluid motion.

I have always been Interested in nature. Be it the shape and form of animals or the fluidity of line in the landscape. Materials and surface have played an important role in the development of my work and continue to fuel and aid diversity within my work.

I work from nature and have been working from drawings of the Dorset coastline to create and develop large abstract outdoor sculptures. I have become interested in erosion and corrosion, smooth and rough surfaces, the creation and the effects of nature on the landscape and the forces of the elements. Creating organically shaped sculptures incorporating different surfaces fascinates me. My work often has holes in it and I have been working on capturing the effects of water flowing across rocks and its erosion over time. Each piece is unique.

I use Mendip stone and aggregate which is a durable material, with re-enforced steel inside. The Mendip stone is a quarried granulated dust. The statues are weather proof, frost proof and ideal for outdoor use. They are between 5-7ft tall and on average 3ft wide in places and about 10 inches thick. I have been developing my work to include recycled glass to add subtle colour and texture.

I am enjoying working with the subconscious, while the intellect plays a significant role in my art. I trust the intuition and emotion which drives me. I hope the use of abstraction helps to bring the viewer to a more primitive engagement with the work.


Wire Animals

My love and passion for animals is the reason for using them in my art. Animals are something I keep returning to. In 1990 I first sculpted an otter in clay and later other animals; chickens, a zebra then small horses in bronze. I have always been interested in the animals themselves, their personalities and uniqueness. Their small gestures and movements that mean so much. I feel I want to capture this and their individual quirks of nature, their spirit and movement. This interest stems from growing up in the New Forest in Hampshire and spending my childhood surrounded by animals and riding New Forest ponies. I have a real love for animals and most of my work is either based on my own animals or ones I have met and got to know. I start most of my sculptures with a metal armature to create the form and structure .This has to be right to capture the movement. The wire is added to build up the muscles and the flesh around the structure.

I am happy to do commissions and will submit designs. If you would like to leave a comment or order a sculpture, please contact me via email or phone.